When I think about despair I can't help but hear the words of Marilla Cuthbert's from Canada's beloved Anne of Green Gable's, "to despair is to turn your back on God". This has never sat right with me. Frankly, I identified more with Anne. Full of wholehearted emotion and declaration of being in "the depths … Continue reading Despair


Longing is the thirst that never quite feels quenched. It is the salivating for and anticipation of satisfaction and completeness. Longing urges us toward something. It is energy. You can feel it, we all feel it. If we pay attention we can hear its name. This is what the great love stories are made of. Be it … Continue reading Longing


"Too often people try to change their lives by using the will as a kind of hammer to beat their life into proper shape.  The intellect identifies the goal of the program, and the will accordingly forces the life into shape. This way of approaching the sacredness of one's own presence is externalistic and violent. If you work with a … Continue reading Rhythms