The idea of “listening to your soul” can sound like some ethereal concept that is hard to grasp, or just fluffy language within the newest spiritual fad. It’s not. Not in my opinion anyway. If I am honest, I really believe it is the most essential way to live.

The thing about soul, is that it encompasses our entire being. It is not limited to our intellect, or heart; our emotions or feelings. It is not just our physical body or intuition. It is all those things combined. It is our essence. It is our psyche and consciousness. It is the energy of our being that moves through the world and is connected to something larger than us. It can be hard to define, because the soul comprises all of these things and has an impact on every aspect of what makes us, “us”.

Our soul speaks to us. I believe that with every fibre of my being. She whispers in ways that result in a deep knowing about something or someone. She can manifest in our bodies feeling physically ill or in pain when we don’t listen to her nudges. She can bring about a moment of sharp clarity in our intellect and mind.

Our soul has a sacred intelligence that is unique to us, and goes beyond what we can grasp or understand. Soul sees the bigger picture, and often asks us to trust her when we cannot see that image fully formed.

But what does it mean to listen to your soul? How do we even do that?

For me, it has required a silence and stillness. It usually means getting alone, and quieting my rational mind and emotive heart. Sometimes it means going for a long walk or run. What is it for you?

When my soul is trying to say something to me, it can feel like a few different things:

When she has reservation or hesitation about something, my body feels more tense and on edge. I usually get an unsettledness within me that nudges me to pay attention and take my time. My mind can feel like it is on overdrive because I am trying to make sense of something or convince myself that what I am perhaps intuiting is nonsense. Soul speaks up.

When she has an openness and readiness towards something, it can feel like my whole person is expanding. Like my body is giving a “full and wholehearted yes!” It is as if the world opens up and there is a surge of deep joy and excitement, even if it feels scary and unknown. My mind feels clear and hungry for new knowledge and insight. It is as if the world is a safe place to take risks and play!

When she is quiet and content, it is like my entire person is just at ease. It is as if there is permission within me to just be and continue to be where I am. Striving ceases, I feel a sense of “okay-ness” in who I am, and where I am. That I can keep going and all shall be well.

Are there ways your soul is speaking to you? What is keeping you from really listening? How can you carve out space today to connect to that sacred intelligence within you? 

I leave you with a blessing from John O’ Donohue “May the Light of your Soul guide you”

“May the light of your soul guide you.
May the light of your soul bless the work
You do with the secret love and warmth of your heart.
May you see in what you do the beauty of your own soul.
May the sacredness of your work bring healing, light and renewal to those
Who work with you and to those who see and receive your work.
May your work never weary you.
May it release within you wellsprings of refreshment, inspiration and excitement.
May you be present in what you do.
May you never become lost in the bland absences.
May the day never burden you.
May dawn find you awake and alert, approaching your new day with dreams,
Possibilities and promises.
May evening find you gracious and fulfilled.
May you go into the night blessed, sheltered and protected.
May your soul calm, console and renew you.”

2 thoughts on “Listening to Soul

  1. “When she has an openness and readiness towards something, it can feel like my whole person is expanding.” YES!

    Beautiful. xx


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